Delivering REMUS to your project for free

Our mission is to provide schools, teachers, students, relevant government departments and research scientists, both domestic and international, with access to one of the world’s most advanced marine research tools, a REMUS 100, at heavily subsidised rates, and in many cases, for free. This is possible through our partnership with Cerulean H20, the vehicle owner and operator.

Our goal is to place this technology into the hands of those that truly need it, including those that would otherwise never have had the opportunity to use it.

We do this to inspire students and help scientists understand and protect the ocean environment.

Our charter guides the missions we support

We support missions that deliver:
  • A significant STEAM education opportunity
  • Have an active collaborative element
  • Effect a pressing marine conservation challenge
  • Reveal data that develops marine conservation policy.
  • Delivers data to solve multiple questions by multiple parties.
  • Deliver a positive impact on the local community
  • Is considered vital for the protection of local species and habitat
  • Support the long-term viability of REMUS in Bermuda
  • Promotes long-term research objectives that support global and local marine conservation work.

Sharing REMUS data with the world

It is the joint agreement of Ocean Tech and Cerulean H20 to make all data collected by REMUS publicly available after a maximum hold of 24 months from collection. This allows grantees the necessary time to publish. After this period data will be made publically available on request unless restricted by the govenement.