Delivering REMUS to your project for free

Our mission is to use our financial resources to provide schools, teachers, students, relevant government departments and research scientist, both domestic and international, with access to one of the world’s most advanced marine research tools, a REMUS 100, at heavily subsidised rates, and in many cases, for free. Our aim is to super-charge oceanographic research and STEAM education in an attempt to battle the declining health of the world's oceans.


Our charter guides the missions we support

We support missions that deliver:
  • A significant STEAM education opportunity
  • Have an active collaborative element
  • Effect a pressing marine conservation challenge
  • Reveal data that develops marine conservation policy.
  • Delivers data to solve multiple questions by multiple parties.
  • Deliver a positive impact on the local community
  • Is considered vital for the protection of local species and habitat
  • Support the long-term viability of REMUS in Bermuda
  • Promotes long-term research objectives that support global and local marine conservation work.

Sharing REMUS data with the world

Data is a fundamental element to our mission. Data lists will be available through the Ocean Tech data portal and categorised by the mission title and description. Anyone can request Ocean Tech datasets by contacting Ocean Tech. The portal will also contain all published work and all lesson plans created by the school projects we support.