Unique STEM education for all

We understand that the best way to battle the declining health of the worlds ocean is to educate and inspire. We achieve this by delivering REMUS directly into schools with our team for free.

We work with all local Bermudian schools in the state-run and private sector from primary through to secondary and higher education to develop research projects that utilise REMUS as a tool to support and enhance their current curriculums.


Ocean Tech works with schools using REMUS to support and enrich teachers current lesson plans and the broader curriculum. Our focus is not to add to teachers workload, but to improve the tools teachers have so they can more effectively teach what’s already in place.

We work with each school to develop missions that deliver a real world and hands-on STEM experience. We start in the classroom and plan the mission with the teachers and students. Those students are then taken out into the field to use REMUS with the Ocean Tech team. On completion, the data is brought back into the classroom and utilised to support the current curriculums.

The personification of STEM

REMUS is the personification of STEAM education. It embodies mathematics as a means of navigation, Technology as a means of operation, Science from its discoveries, Engineering from its construction, and computing form its data.

A single Ocean Tech mission delivered into a school provides material, opportunity and data that can be used by multiple subjects. Cross-Subject learning is a very effective way of teaching. The result is connected learning across numerous subjects all born from one school experience. It allows students to see the “real world” connection to their studies and inspires students to take on a collaborative approach to problem-solving and learning.

One school project benefits all

Delivering one Ocean Tech project to one school can benefit all the students in that school and students studying at other schools anywhere in the world.

An overview of the school opportunity:

  1. Schools can use the vehicle in the field as a hands-on STEAM experience
  2. Schools can use the vehicle data to significantly enhance the learning environment in multiple modules throughout the key stages.
  3. It will deliver a learning opportunity in Bermuda not available anywhere else in the word.
  4. It will inspire Bermudian students to follow careers in the STEAM arena.
  5. The deployment of the vehicle on one school project will provide data that supports multiple subjects at all ages, from primary through to senior and beyond at all schools.
    • Sciences – environmental water conditions, oceanography, pollution
    • Mathematics – Navigation systems
    • Physics – Buoyancy, movement, light, flow, current
    • Engineering – Creating units to sample water elements such as plastics that can be attached
    • Programming – plotting missions and vehicle directions
    • Computing – Data processing
    • Geography – 3D benthic mapping
    • English – creative writing
    • Arts – Benthic mapping modelling
    • Filmmaking

If you are considering applying to Ocean Tech, please make contact with us first here.